KTO‘s PCAP Touch-Encoders are perfectly suited for professional applications

PCAP Touch-Encoders avoid distortion and offer highest responsiveness
PCAP Touch-Encoders work seamlessly with professional touch screen controllers
PCAP Touch-Encoders fly above the screen and guarantee for lifetime operational safety

PCAP Touch-Encoders for small series, mass production
and custom solutions.

  • High precision tactile elements for permanent mounting on touch-screen monitors
  • Graphic artwork of the GUI automatically interacts with all tactile elements
  • Works with standard GUI development framework software like Embedded Wizard or QT
  • Improved reliability and responsiveness

Available PCAP Touch-Encoders

Faders with 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm lengths, fitted with soft buffers on both ends
Rotary knobs with 15 mm, 19 mm and 25.5 mm caps
Transparent push-button 34 x 34 mm with Braille-letters Transparent push-buttons 20 x 20 mm in arrays of 6