Touch screens are ubiquitous but not much used in professional input systems

Touch screens cannot be operated without eye contact
Finger operated touch screens lack precision
Touch screens are prone to accidental control

KTO's PCAP Touch-Encoders
enable software programmers to bridge
the last chasm of HMI designs

  • PCAP Touch-Encoders replace electronic components with software
  • PCAP Touch-Encoders interact with touch screens and do not need any additional electronic circuits.
  • Best UX and most innovative haptic user interfaces

And give UX designer full freedom for creativity

  • PCAP Touch-Encoders allow to create completely ergonomic solutions
  • Graphics can surround haptic elements resulting in much better operational comfort
  • Input systems become more compact and leaner

Plus they save cost and time for the development of electronic sub-assemblies

KTO’s Touch-Encoders save up to 50% of production cost compared to hybrid technology

KTO’s Touch-Encoders save up to 60% of R&D time compared to hybrid development